Respect us. Protect us. Pay us. It’s time to make sure every family in America is healthy, safe, and secure, no matter our race, our job, or where we live. 

We’re facing a pandemic, an economic crisis, and continuing racism and violence against Black communities. Tens of millions of workers are risking our lives for less than $15 an hour, without protective equipment, without paid sick time, without health insurance, and without any guarantee of economic security or the opportunity to join together in a union. Millions more have been laid off and lost healthcare coverage. Meanwhile, billionaires and corporations are raking in money and the White House cares more about the stock market than stopping COVID. 

This isn’t an accident — it’s a failure of leadership. The chaos and division that are hurting our communities come straight from the White House. The president points fingers and scapegoats workers of Asian descent, immigrants, and Black Americans. Republicans in Congress add to the fear and uncertainty by handing out billions to corporations and refusing to help families like ours.

We’re not going to be divided or let hate and fear distract us. We want justice for Black communities and an end to police violence. We want to protect all workers with hazard pay, healthcare, and paid time off. 

That’s why we’re voting for the essentials our communities need to thrive. We’re voting for a $15/hr minimum wage and a seat at the table with good, union jobs. We’re voting for healthcare and long term care for all, justice for immigrant families with a path to citizenship, and immediate action on climate change to save our planet. We’re voting for an end to police violence in our communities so Black communities can thrive. We’re voting for an America where every, single, essential vote counts. 

We are essential workers of every race and immigration status, in every state, keeping America fed, clean, safe, and healthy. We care for your children and your aging loved ones. We keep public spaces and facilities clean and secure. We serve your food and keep you safe when you travel. We are essential — and we always have been. 

Our votes are essential.