Respect us. Protect us. Pay us. It’s time to make sure every family in America is healthy, safe, and secure, no matter our race, our job, or where we live.

This November, we’re voting for our communities. We’re voting to make sure we all have the protection we need at work, with wages to support our families and paid sick days. We’re voting for $15/hr and a union no matter where we work. We’re voting so immigrant families can be welcome and safe and so we all have the healthcare we need. We’re voting for action on climate change. We’re voting for Black lives. We’re workers. We’re essential and so are our votes.


We demand every single essential worker have a seat at the table and a voice on the job with our unions. To build a just, resilient America, workers and our communities should be at the center of all plans for relief and recovery, whether it’s improving our healthcare and long term care systems, broadening access to child care, making college debt-free, building a just immigration system, or tackling climate change. 

We demand justice for Black communities. If we’re not safe on the job or in the streets, neither are our families. Black or Brown, indigenous, API or white, immigrant or born here, we all want our families to be safe and healthy and our communities to thrive.

We demand everyone have a voice in our democracy, with the right to vote freely, safely, and without impediment by mail and in-person. It’s time to end voter purges, gerrymandering, and targeted closures of polling locations in communities of color. And it’s time to expand our democracy with a path to citizenship for 10 million immigrants. 


We demand action from corporations and government to make sure we are all safe at work and in our communities. None of us should have to fear for our lives while going about our day — whether that be from a deadly virus or police violence.

This time of emergency is far from over for millions of families across the country. Government and employers must  produce, procure, and provide adequate personal protective equipment (PPE) for the duration of the pandemic and guarantee that workers will never be left without proper protection again. 

It’s time to take immediate, bold action on climate change, to make sure our families have clean air to breathe and clean water to drink. 


We demand job, wage and economic security for every worker, so we can provide for our families with dignity.  It’s time for a federal minimum wage of at least $15/hr and good, union jobs with benefits including affordable healthcare and paid time off. A safe place to live, with food on the table, shouldn’t be out of reach for any worker in America.
Essential workers must receive hazard pay and paid sick time. And all workers must have consistent access to benefits and retirement security.